Life Groups

We encourage everyone at Gateway to be as active a member of a LifeGroup as they can be. This is how we see our groups!


They are Communities that enable us to be deeply relational. Life Groups are 'groups' you belong to rather than 'a weekly meeting' you attend. 


They are Caring Communities - where the 'one-another's' of the New Testament can be applied. They are the frontline of our pastoral care. 


They are Discipling Communities - where the word is applied and individuals are equipped and released 


They are Communities that experience the presence of God - in our worship and prayer we value and nurture the Spirit's presence among us.


They are Missional Communities - new people join, local evangelism is encouraged and we pray for the nations.


It's very very easy to join a group! On a Friday at Creek or Central talk to someone in the Welcome area and they will introduce you to a LifeGroup in your area. Or you can contact:


For South:   Fusi Mokoena, Soni and Payal   

For Creek:  Johann and Liesel                  
email :